AUG 24-25, 2024
Why come

ANTIX BACKSTAGE is an experimental art film capturing all of the ins-and-outs of production. It documents the models and casting, gives insight on our design and pre-production process, grabs footage from the FESTIVAL and RUNWAY SHOWS, & everything in between. BACKSTAGE is the all-encompassing series of films that are dedicated to AAF.

Designer Drop, Extended Version
Director: Casscellina
Designers: Dolor, Gutter TM, Favilinda, MISHKA, S.ROUSSEAU, tristyworld, Isaac Couch, Peicen Jiang
Art Director: T. Antonakis Kane
Final Edit: Nancy Popular
ANTIX Runway Model Interviews
Interview by: Diego Urbina Gomez
Edit by: Theodore Demask & Diego Urbina Gomez
Production by: Doris Production Studios
Casting Director: Casscellina
ANTIX Season 2 Recap
Designers: Jackson Napier, Caeli Harris, Friendly Bitchh, Alex McDermott
Final Edit: Izzy  Nieves
ANTIX Trailer
Director: T. Antonakis Kane
Producer: Casscellina